Responsible Travel Policy

Policy aims

Our main aim is to sustain the natural development of our environment, also economically and socially. For this, we concentrate our efforts on helping the local community; we hire local people and create the minimum possible impact on nature during our hikes and activities. We also encourage our guests to support the community by purchasing local goods from each area to help the local community and maintaining the small-scale business authentic and special.

Our guests will fully enjoy a magnificent holiday away from the overcrowded tourist areas.


Economic responsibility

Our team consists of only local people from the villages nearby and we offer possibilities for small entrepreneurs in order to contribute to the area’s economy. Basically all our services are carried out by companies and employees from the area. All the restaurants we take our guests are family run businesses.

Some of our guided routes end with lunch in a small family restaurant in the village around the area, in order to experience the history, customs and contribute locally. We also support local food and gastronomy by buying food for meals and picnics in local markets and shops. We also encourage our travellers to buy souvenirs and local products from local shops in each area.

Base Camp Adventure Holidays also contribute in local charities by donating unwanted clothing, linen, and utensils from our accommodation.


Environmental responsibility

Base Camp Adventure Holidays always uses, when possible, renewable electric companies. The electrical supplier of our office offers 100% renewable energy.

Our accommodations use solar energy panels for hot water. Our swimming pools are maintained full of water all year round, we do not empty them during winter to refill before summer, we clean the pools regularly throughout the year. Bathrooms have shower facilities to encourage the sensible use of water and the toilets have dual flush. Our washing machines are provided with an active oxygen purifier which purify and disinfect, eliminating germs and bacteria, without the use of additives. And, unless it is requested, we change bed linen and towels every 3 nights.

In each accommodation we have recycling facilities for plastic, glass and paper waste. We also use, when possible, biodegradable material for picnics on our tours. Any information we print is printed on recycled paper.

Travellers can find all details and information of the different tours and routes we offer in a digital format on our website. We can also send a PDF version via email to prevent usage of paper.

Guests will also receive information about how to leave the smallest possible footprint in the environments, our guides are always equipped with bags to take our waste back and any waste found on the route.


Social responsibility

We are very proud of our community and we try to keep the community customs.

We are promoting this fantastic area which is relatively unknown. Here, the lifestyle is different, it goes at a slower pace, and the family and tradition are respected.

So we encourage our travellers to buy souvenirs and local products from the area, such as Moscatel wine, honey, sugarcane syrup and olive oil, all made locally. Furthermore, we buy our products for meals and picnics from local shops and markets.

When possible, we love to take our guests to small local and traditional festivals such as Easter processions and village fairs.

We supply our clients with information and history about the places we visit in the region. And they will have the opportunity to visit small family bodegas or the olive oil cooperative factory.